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Salem Witch Haunt by Theresa Sneed

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I chose to read Salem Witch Haunt to learn more about my ancestress who was hung during these infamous trials in Salem. Author Theresa Sneed gave life to these historical events and explained how the revengeful "circle girls" made up the accusations toward these older women. I was amazed at how their community could believe these awful lies, and actually condemned these women to death. It must have been a scary time and place in which to live!

Living in Salem, Massachusetts amidst the legends and annual re-enactments of the 1692 Salem witch trials, Bess Martin, a Danvers high-schooler, gets caught in a strange storm and finds herself back in 1692. She is taken in by kind people, including Hezekiah who is the ancestor of her best friend, Trent. Bess witnesses the pandemonium and events building up to these famous trials and hangings, including those of her own 11th great-grandmother, Susannah Martin. Though the story witnesses these sad events, it has a delightful twist at the end, and leaves us with possibilities of sequels.

The story portrays Bess' interesting experiences adjusting to the time period, witnessing events of the times, and her developing romance with Hezekiah.  My only complaint was that I wanted to see and learn more about Susanna North Martin, whom the author and I share as a common ancestor. I felt, as a reader, that I could only observe her, and I wished so much to get into her life and her thoughts. But I guess I need a book that focuses on her. Theresa? Nevertheless, I found Salem Witch Haunt worth the read, and I appreciate Sneed's thorough research of Salem, 1692. 

As my tradition, here is a quote from the novel. Hubby chose a random number, page 16:

"Come on, Seth. It's getting dark."

A loud wail left his throat. She [Bess] jumped back, a little irritated. "Come on. Now!" She grabbed for his hand, but her fingers slipped past his. "Come on!" Again she tried, but her hand passed through his. "What's going on?" She placed a hand on his shoulder, but it passed straight through him. She fell back, aghast. "Seth?" Her voice broke. He is dead! Her knees buckled beneath her, and she slipped to the ground and wept.

Theresa Sneed has several books published—traditionally and professionally self-published, with many more to come. Included is her No Angel series, Earth Angel series, The Sons of Elderberry series, and Escape series. 

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