Friday, March 6, 2015

Sunrise Over Scipio by H. Linn Murphy

Sunrise Over Scipio by H. Linn Murphy is an inspiring story of a brave woman’s journey to overcome obstacles. Gorgeous cover, isn't it?

Tamsin Tucker’s successful career as a barrel racer comes to an abrupt end in a fluke rodeo accident. She loses everything including her prized horse, her unfaithful husband, her self-esteem, and eventually the leg that was crushed in the accident. Sent to Scipio, Utah to recuperate, Tamsin finds herself in the care of Dr. Travis Mayfield—handsome, caring, and a transplant from the east—and his nurse Sarah.

After Tamsin’s accident, she is left with nothing but memories, divorce papers, and no will to live. Surrounded by new found friends, Tamsin gathers courage and finds faith in God and the key to her own self worth.

I enjoyed H. Linn Murphy’s delightful writing style. Her words play like a fresh spring breeze. I enjoyed the details about barrel racing and rodeos, and about the process of learning to use prosthesis. Reading the novel took me back to Scipio and was as spending a few refreshing days in the country.

 Sunrise Over Scipio is not an action-packed tale. There is much contemplation, gospel discussion, and dialogue, but it all makes Tamsin’s spiritual growth and conversion believable.

Though Scipio, Utah is on the map, the town Murphy portrays is fictional--with traffic light, library, restaurant, and no ties to Fillmore—not the real life Scipio I know. This is all good due to literary license and story fit, but the author was too kind not to play up the unique quirks of a small antique Mormon town.

Overall, I enjoyed Sunrise Over Scipio, its romance, and the satisfying, crowning ending to this motivational story of courage to overcome.

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