Monday, November 16, 2009

Trail of Storms by Marsha Ward. A great read!

After her sister suffers a brutal attack, Jessie Bingham and her family flee post-Civil War Virginia and undertake a perilous trek to New MexicoTerritory. When Jessie hears that her former sweetheart, James Owen, has taken a wife, she accepts Ned Heizer's marriage proposal on the condition they wait to wed until the end of the journey. But then Jessie encounters James again . . . and he isn't married now!

In her third novel about the Owen family, award-winning author Marsha Ward reunites Jessie Bingham and James Owen in a bewildering tangle of values, emotions and high adventure.

I have enjoyed reading all of Marsha Wards novels and short stories. She is a great writer and knows her genre well. Congratulations to Marsha for another great western novel!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Of One Heart by Valerie J Steimle

Check out this great new book!

In the LDS world most adults are married with children. It has only been in the last ten years that being single in the Church has become much more common. Whether by divorce, death of a spouse or never married at all there are challenges to begin single in a predominately married world. Challenges most people don't realize until they are single themselves. This book was written to help all those who are single, all those who have single friends and all those priesthood leaders with single members under their jurisdiction.