Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I Still Believe In Christmas--music video

Merry Christmas 2013!

Here is my song "I Still Believe In Christmas" sung by Jamie Taylor.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Monk to Missionary by R. Mani Seangsuwan

Monk to Missionary is the biography of R. Mani Seangsuwan, a councilor in the Thailand Bangkok Mission where my husband and I are serving, and illustrates the courage Thai Buddists must have to convert to Christianity. 

Born in Chumphon province in the South of Thailand, Mani knew little of the world outside his small village. At age seventeen he left home in search of fun and adventure. He joined a group of "party animals" in Lopburi, Thailand, and thought for a time this was the life for him.
His mother convinced him that he needed to correct his behavior and suggested he become a Buddhist monk. He followed her advice he became a monk at the local monastery. At the end of three months, the typical period of service as a disciple of Buddha, he decided to continue on. After a year he moved to a Buddhist temple in Thonburi across the river from Bangkok. It was here he started to meet Christians. Taking a pamphlet from the Baptists he received a bible study kit in the mail. He studied the Bible in secret while still a Buddhist monk.
His next step was to earn money to become a school teacher. This was the vision that his mother had for him. He met more Christian missionaries and felt good about their message. He was still concerned how other Thais would view him if they knew he was studying about Jesus Christ. The Thai people believe, "To be a good Thai, one must be a good Buddhist". How could he go against his family and the well established culture of his homeland? His decision changed the rest of his life.

"While the book about the author's transformation from Buddhist monk to Mormon missionary is written on less than 100 pages, the story is one of magnitude."
-Deseret News.

Just finished reading Monk to Missionary for the second time, and I enjoyed it very much"  
-Karl L. Dodge - Former President Thailand Bangkok Mission (2006-2009) Thailand Missionary (1975-1977)

I am pleased to add Monk to Missionary to the Church History Library collection, where it will be preserved and made accessible to future generations

-P. Brad Westwood - Manager of Acquisitions - Church History Library - Salt Lake City, Utah

I just finished Monk to Missionary. It was very interesting and inspiring reading. I enjoyed the life story of Mani Saengsuwan very much. He is one of the great pioneers of the Church in Thailand. What a remarkable journey of a true seeker of truth, one that has taken great courage. I admire Mani and Nadda so very much.

- Alan H. Hess - One of the first six missionaries to Thailand 1968

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Heaven's Just A Prayer Away by Diony George

Diony George, author of Torn Apart, has compiled a refreshing book of stories and thoughts on prayer, Heaven's Just a Prayer Away.

Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good; yea when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the morning let they heart be full of thanks unto God. –Alma 37:37

Before we came to earth, we lived in heavenly realms. We knew our Heavenly Father. We walked and talked with Him. We heard His voice. We felt His love. In Heaven’s Just a Prayer Away, beloved author Diony George teaches us how to reestablish that relationship with Him here on earth.

With the help of this book you will:

• Learn that nothing is too small or unimportant to discuss with Heavenly Father

• Find peace and contentment through daily communication with God

• Gain a better understanding of why some prayers seem to go unanswered

• Develop a greater knowledge of the power of prayer

The inspirational and enlightening experiences found within these pages will change your life forever by strengthening your relationship with God and filling your life with peace, teaching us that heaven really is just a prayer away.
Praise for Heaven's Just A Prayer Away:

"Heaven’s Just a Prayer Away is a sweet, heartfelt book with author Diony George’s personal experiences intermixed with compelling stories about how prayer can shape our lives. I found myself either smiling or teary-eyed as I immersed myself in the stories, reminded that prayer is healing and sanctifying, prayer can bring inspiration, prayer can ease burdens, and prayer lets us feel the love of God for ourselves and those around us.

—Heather B. Moore, author of Christ’s Gifts to Women

Author Diony George

In Heaven’s Just a Prayer Away, Diony provides a comprehensive discussion on prayer through inspiring stories, basic principles, and heartfelt testimony. Her personal approach makes answers to prayer and divine blessings seem more within reach.
                                                —John McConkie, stake president

Meet the Author:

Diony George is a wife, stay-at-home mom of seven, grandmother of three, motivational speaker, and the author of four books. Through her writing and public speaking she loves helping others draw closer to God. An avid reader whose favorite genre is romantic suspense, Diony also loves to travel, sew, and bake—especially pies and homemade bread. Born and raised in Alaska, she currently resides in Salt Lake City with her husband and family. Mrs. George can be reached through her personal website.

Here are three excerpts from Heaven's Just A Prayer Away
Excerpt #1

It was the middle of December, and it looked it. Snow was steadily falling, in the Salt Lake Valley and had been for several days. When I went to bed that night, snuggling close to my husband I was glad to be in a warm house.

Later on something woke me up. I glanced at the clock by my bed; it was after three in the morning. I realized I hadn’t heard my nineteen-year-old son, come home. I whispered to my husband, he hadn’t heard him either. I was worried, work never kept him out this late. I reached for my cell phone and sent him a text.

“Are you okay?”      

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Uploaded videos (playlist)

View this video to go with my 2013 YW song "Stand Ye in Holy Places."

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Writers Unite to Fight Cancer- Writing Contest!

I attended the ceremony last year announcing the winners of WUFC. It is a fun contest and the proceeds go to a worthy cause. Read on!

The Second Annual WUFC  Writing Contest is open for submissions from April 16th, 2013 - August 15th, 2013. 
Writers Unite to Fight Cancer (WUFC) is a group of authors who raise money for cancer research.
This year's theme will be the Drive to Thrive.

Everyone over the age of 18 is eligible to enter. May have been published before, or be a first time writer. Subject matter may be on any topic as long as it follows the theme of the Drive to Thrive.

Entry Fee is $30.00 per submission. There is no limit to the number of submissions allowed. The funds raised from entry fees and sales of books above the cost of production will be donated to the combined cancer research program at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Arizona State University under the Direction of Robert Waters.

Categories / Genres:  Word Counts limited to 4000 words.

Fiction Short Stories or partial novels - all genres middle grade up to adult: Mystery, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Historical,                                 Steam Punk, Inspirational, Paranormal, Speculative, Romance, Suspense, Western

Non-Fiction - Memoir / auto-biography, Self-help, Motivational, Inspirational, Spiritual, Essay or Editorial.

(Partial novels / books  must have a resolution within the text submitted.)

Do Not Submit: Horror, Erotica, Poetry, gratuitous violence, Foul or Vulgar language.

 Maximum Word Count for all submissions is 4000 words.
 Finalists and Winners will be given the opportunity to be published in the 2nd WUFC Writing Contest Anthology if they are willing work with one of our editors – at no charge.
 All entries must be received by midnight 8/16/13. Send submissions to:

Margaret L. Turley, Administrator                      
1146 N. Mesa Dr. #102-233
Mesa, AZ 85201

480-586-7902 – cell phone

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My e-Novels are on Sale!

Walnut Springs Press is having a Spring Sale and my novels are available as ebooks on Amazon!

The Star Prophecy
Chocolate Roses
Haunts Haven

Happy springtime from the Sowards in Thailand!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Four Newly Posted Songs

While housecleaning getting ready to leave on our mission, I dusted off four of my older songs and posted them on my music website:

Seasons of Joy -SSA 
I Couldn't Help You -SSA
Thank You For Finding Me, My Friend -Duet
Beauty In Our Lives - A Mother's Day Song

Seasons of Joy--celebrates the seasons of a woman's life and has been for sale on my sight for many years. Now I offer it at no charge. Watch the video.

I Couldn't Help You--also for sale previously, but now offered at no charge. This song is for teaching compassionate service, visiting teaching, etc. Listen to the recording.

Thank You For Finding Me, My Friend--My good friend Judy wrote this song after her conversion. Great SSA song for a lesson, mission farewell or homecoming. Sorry, no demo.

Beauty in Our Lives--A Mother's Day song sung by Paul Noble. Written for men in mind.

Off to the Provo MTC in a few days! Visit our Thailand blog.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Mission Call!

Sa wat dee! Off to Thailand in the spring!

My husband and I will serve for 18 months where he served a mission as a young man 1969-1971. Good thing he speaks the language. I will do my best to learn.

I have been to Thailand, so it is not completely new to me. In 2000 we took our five children to the Land of Smiles to visit where their father had served. We have great memories of that trip. The Thai people are warm and friendly to tourists. We saw many, many Buddhas and temples, rode elephants, and did all the things tourists do.

Dennis and I returned again in 2004 for the 40th anniversary of the Church in Thailand. The members put on a fantastic show of Thai dancing, music and stories. Again, we did the tourist things, but especially enjoyed being with the members. They are wonderful people--each pioneers in their own right. The food they served us was delicious. I look forward to feasting again.

So now we return, but not as tourists, not to play but to work. I cannot deny the Spirit has prompted us to go now. Things have fallen into place to make it possible. With our luck, our three bachelor sons will choose wives while we are gone. My writing will be put on hold. My composing. I will write and compose as the Spirit prompts me to do so.

But for now, laaeo phop gan mai, see you later.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stand Ye In Holy Places, 2013 YW Song

My song for the 2013 Young Women theme is posted here, Stand Ye In Holy Places.