Friday, August 27, 2010

Editing Song

by Joan Sowards
(Tune: Christmas Bells are Ringing)

Editing, editing, here we go!
My manuscript needs shaping.
Finding typos like a pro—
None will be escaping.
Change the words that tell, not show,
Out of point of view, don’t go!
Slice, slice, cut, cut,
Anxious readers waiting!

Editing, editing to refine,
Hoping soon to publish.
Proofing carefully each line,
Delete all the rubbish.
Ousting passive verbs and such,
Adding taste and smell and touch.
Slice, slice, cut, cut,
Publishers are waiting!

Editing, editing page by page,
Ridding repetition,
So the reader will engage
To the tale’s completion.
Dialogue and tenses right,
Ditch the chitchat, make it tight.
Slice, slice, cut, cut,
Bookstore shelves are waiting!