Thursday, March 22, 2012

Identity by Betsy Love

I admit I was thankful for a cold this week. Why? It gave me a good excuse to hibernate and read Betsy Love's fun debut novel, Identity. Betsy is the one who helped me get started on the path to publication by inviting me to join ANWA, a writers group for LDS women. Thank you Betsy and ANWA for all your help!

After vacationing in Mexico, in the same town and the same resort, two similar-looking young women board a flight to Phoenix. One is a wealthy heiress and the other is a Mormon girl planning to serve a mission.

The plane goes down near Nogales, leaving several dead. One girl survives, but with all memory lost of who she is or any past experiences. After a lengthy stay in the hospital, she goes home with a loving Mormon family who has no doubt she is their sister. Savannah remembers nothing of the gospel and must relearn everything from Joseph Smith and the first vision, to Mormon lingo.

Amelia's fiancé Brent will not believe she died in the plane accident. After his ex-wife turns up murdered in Mexico, he is the prime suspect. He jumps bail and heads to Phoenix in search of Amelia, only to be detained by disasters and the police at every turn. One barrier after another keeps him from her, including desperate criminals who would do anything to keep Amelia from returning to her past life.

Identity is a fun read. I enjoyed the Freeman family for being a good Mormon family--not perfect, but good. Savannah's best friend was overweight and sensitive, the villains turned out very villainy, and the love interest was believable and fall-in-love-with-able.

Congrats to Betsy Love for an enjoyable novel of suspense and adventure!
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