Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hot Pursuit by Susan Dayley

Here is another fun suspense novel. Hot Pursuit by Susan Dayley is the sequel to Cold Pursuit, but can be read as a stand lone.

Hot Pursuit was my first encounter with choose-your-own-ending type novels. Of course, I had to read each ending. Which was my favorite?  I would always choose the most satisfying, where the guy gets the girl and they live happily ever after.

Hot Pursuit is set in romantic Jackson Hole, Wyoming where college student Kennedy is enjoying her summer job working in a luxury hotel near Yellowstone Park. She and her friend Chelo discover that the worldwide conference happening at the hotel is plotting a world takeover.  With the help of Atticus, they attempt to expose this devious plan to take over the world economy, and continually find themselves in deeper trouble. Through this adventure, Kennady and Atticus try to resuscitate an impossible relationship in the shadow of his looming and powerful mother. 

Dayley writes vivid descriptions and characters. I appreciated that she included Kennady’s technologically brilliant deaf brother, Luke, who made a unique connection to Atticus’ troubled sister Adela--an illogical teenager who has a desperate need for drug rehab. Add in other characters such as Spirit, whose crazy, invincible logic surpassed Adela’s, the cynical Taylor, life-loving Chelo and her devoted mother, and clueless Elliott. They all pulled me in and kept me reading to the end.

After upsetting the world takeover plot, Dayley leaves us hoping Kennady and Atticus can work out their worlds-apart lives and finally get together. But that will lead us to Book 3 (hopefully) of the series where we might finally witness them agreeing on a wedding date.

Fun all around, I loved reading Hot Pursuit.