Sunday, July 21, 2013

Heaven's Just A Prayer Away by Diony George

Diony George, author of Torn Apart, has compiled a refreshing book of stories and thoughts on prayer, Heaven's Just a Prayer Away.

Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good; yea when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the morning let they heart be full of thanks unto God. –Alma 37:37

Before we came to earth, we lived in heavenly realms. We knew our Heavenly Father. We walked and talked with Him. We heard His voice. We felt His love. In Heaven’s Just a Prayer Away, beloved author Diony George teaches us how to reestablish that relationship with Him here on earth.

With the help of this book you will:

• Learn that nothing is too small or unimportant to discuss with Heavenly Father

• Find peace and contentment through daily communication with God

• Gain a better understanding of why some prayers seem to go unanswered

• Develop a greater knowledge of the power of prayer

The inspirational and enlightening experiences found within these pages will change your life forever by strengthening your relationship with God and filling your life with peace, teaching us that heaven really is just a prayer away.
Praise for Heaven's Just A Prayer Away:

"Heaven’s Just a Prayer Away is a sweet, heartfelt book with author Diony George’s personal experiences intermixed with compelling stories about how prayer can shape our lives. I found myself either smiling or teary-eyed as I immersed myself in the stories, reminded that prayer is healing and sanctifying, prayer can bring inspiration, prayer can ease burdens, and prayer lets us feel the love of God for ourselves and those around us.

—Heather B. Moore, author of Christ’s Gifts to Women

Author Diony George

In Heaven’s Just a Prayer Away, Diony provides a comprehensive discussion on prayer through inspiring stories, basic principles, and heartfelt testimony. Her personal approach makes answers to prayer and divine blessings seem more within reach.
                                                —John McConkie, stake president

Meet the Author:

Diony George is a wife, stay-at-home mom of seven, grandmother of three, motivational speaker, and the author of four books. Through her writing and public speaking she loves helping others draw closer to God. An avid reader whose favorite genre is romantic suspense, Diony also loves to travel, sew, and bake—especially pies and homemade bread. Born and raised in Alaska, she currently resides in Salt Lake City with her husband and family. Mrs. George can be reached through her personal website.

Here are three excerpts from Heaven's Just A Prayer Away
Excerpt #1

It was the middle of December, and it looked it. Snow was steadily falling, in the Salt Lake Valley and had been for several days. When I went to bed that night, snuggling close to my husband I was glad to be in a warm house.

Later on something woke me up. I glanced at the clock by my bed; it was after three in the morning. I realized I hadn’t heard my nineteen-year-old son, come home. I whispered to my husband, he hadn’t heard him either. I was worried, work never kept him out this late. I reached for my cell phone and sent him a text.

“Are you okay?”