Monday, January 18, 2010

The Silent Warrior Trilogy by Anna Del C

Book One T he E lf and the Princess:

Menarm was a great and prosperous kingdom, known throughout the lands for its friendly, hard-working people and fair trade. But a bitter struggle of succession between brothers left the kingdom devastated, the people divided. Some stayed with Fenil, who had conquered the crown, others followed Renil to the north, founding a new kingdom.

Now Adren, the last princess of the vanquished realm of Menarm, finds herself alone in a world where women live in the shadows of men. Not only must she battle her enemies, but also a truth that could obliterate her last hope for happiness and bring dishonor to all those whom she hold dear. On her quest, she finds unlikely allies in a powerful prince and a defiant mercenary, only to be devastated by an ancient elf.

Book Two, T rouble in the E lf C ity:

It’s been three years since the war between the Orks and Tahitans destroyed the proud kingdom ofMenarm. Adren, the land’s last princess, has settled comfortably into her new life as wife to the elf Dellin in the kingdom of Lothia.

But all is not well. And when a mysterious enemy shatters their peace, an enemy the elfs appear powerless to fight, complete annihilation seems imminent. Will Adren witness the destruction of yet another kingdom and once again find herself alone in the world? Or can the Silent Warrior come to her rescue and save them all?

Book Three, E lfs in a C onquered R ealm:

King Paletin and Adren, the last Princess of Menarm, set forth on their mission with a team to find the hidden treasures of the now vanquished Kingdom of Menarm. Led by the young strategist, Zyrthal, the team is strong in number and sure of purpose, yet they find themselves facing ruthless mercenaries who are determined to claim the kingdom’s riches for themselves.

Once again, the Silent Warrior is called upon to rescue the captured team, but he has begun to battle demons of his own and has become unsure of his abilities as the champion of Adren. The shadows in his heart become all the more magnified with the disappearance of the two half-elf princes from the dead kingdom.

Front Street Reviews has praised Dye’s works as “fluid and flawless” and has said in their complimentary review of Elfs in a Conquered Realm that “it should come as no surprise that one will find this story as fulfilling as the first two in the trilogy. Her talent for writing fantasy will leave her name forever entrenched in our memories as we hope to read more of her stories long into the future.

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  1. Joan, these books sound very interesting. I am now anxious to get a copy of of the first one so that I can get started.