Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Haunts Haven--a fun ghost story

Halloween is coming! If your looking for a good ghost story for Halloween, or like reading mysteries in the Fall, may I recommend Haunts Haven, an LDS ghost story. All right, I admit I wrote it, and I admit I really like it, too.

Haunts Haven is in hardback and on Kindle and can be purchased at some LDS bookstores and Amazon.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Winner of Chocolate Roses!

Congratulations go to Christine Jensen, the winner of the gently speckled copy of Chocolate Roses, an LDS Jane Eyre parody.

Christine is a mom to 5 fabulous kids, and lives in Utah. She is a book reviewer for Fire and Ice, and writes a weekly fitness post and does product reviews for Outnumbered 3 to 1. Check out her sites. She also loves to read and run.

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Two More Fun Novels by Marie Higgins

In my last post, I interviewed novelist Marie Higgins and reviewed her LDS romance, Winning Mr. Wrong. She gives some fun answers to the interview questions that you will want to scroll down and read. Marie and I share the same publisher, Walnut Springs Press. Today, I am reviewing her two novels Hearts Through Time and Heart of a Hero. Look for her next novel soon to be released, Secrets After Dark.


A love story that transcends time . . .

The first day Nick Marshal opens his new law office, a mysterious woman, Abigail Carlisle, appears and asks for help solving a murder--her own!

"Mr. Marshal, the reason I know you're the man who can help is because you––you can . . ." She cleared her throat. "You can actually see me."

Nick stifled a chuckle. "Of course I can see you. You're sitting right in front of me."

"True, but your lady friend could not . . . . You don't understand. The reason she could not see me is because, well . . ." Miss Carlisle's green eyes locked on his with something akin to fear shadowing their depths. "I'm a ghost."

Of course he doesn't believe she's a ghost until he tries to touch her. The further Nick investigates Abigail's life and the circumstances around her death, the deeper he falls for this gorgeous ghost.

Abigail's grandmother and Nick's mother both had foretold Nick and Abigail's unusual meeting through advice in earlier years. As Nick and Abigail put the pieces together, they realize it is their fate to stay together. The more time she spends with him, she becomes real to the point that Nick can finally touch her.

Through a one-hundred year-old artifact given to him by a 118 year-old woman, they are whisked back in time to 1912 to face Abigail's murderer.

Hearts Through Time is a beautiful, well told love story. Romance readers (and paranormal junkies :-) would love this timeless read.


Summer Bennett, a tomboy sent to her aunt's finishing school for refining, returns to her hometown of Richfield, Utah to find that Jesse Slade, her childhood rival, has grown up and is now her sister's fiance.

"That does it." Jesse picked her up and carried her to the horse, then put her feet on the ground... "You may be as bullheaded as you've always been, but you ain't walkin', not on my watch."
She slapped at his hand. "I'm not going into town with you."
"You listen to me, Miss Persnickety." He paused, his heated gaze boring into hers. "I don't care what you like or don't like, I'm takin' you to town."
"I--don't--like''you." She grinded her teeth with each word.
"Too--bad--darlin'," he mocked. "You have two choices. You can get on that horse willin'ly, or I'll hog-tie you and put you there myself."
Her mouth dropped open and her mind scrambled frantically for several seconds.
He smiled annoyingly. "Time's up."

This nineteen year-old girl hasn't reformed much. Summer still thinks she's invincible, wears men's britches when it's to her advantage, and takes on capturing a band of bank robbers single-handedly, hoping to get reward money that would pay for her father's surgery and allow him to walk again.

Falling back into childhood habits, Jesse and Summer clash throughout the entire story--while falling in love. Neither understand what is happening. One argument after another and several misunderstandings later, they manage
to finally confess their love. It is a relief when everyone ends up with the right sweetheart in the end.

The Heart of a Hero is a romping read that will take you back to old west Utah, and one any romance reader would enjoy.

Buy Heart of a Hero at Deseret Book.
Buy Hearts Through Time here.