Monday, August 25, 2014

A Writer's Heart

I've been on a mission. Other than my blog, my journal, and posts on social media, I haven't written much. I miss it. I've tried to get into writing on my WIP when I have a quiet evening, but my mind is elsewhere. I know perfectly well, like physical exercise, a writer must continually write to keep up her craft. I know that through my writing, I can have a good influence on readers, even while on a mission. But I'm in the Lord's service in another way right now, and not as an author. There is a time and season for everything.

A co-missionary continually reminds me that a famous LDS author wrote and entire novel on his couples'  mission, and that I have no excuse. Okay. Did he not have his mind on the people he served? Did he not come home exhausted every night?  I know there are missions that are not demanding and that a writer could still write in their spare time with no problem. Not mine.

But with a little over a month left of service, I feel a change happening. I have inklings of desire to write kindling in my heart. I find myself thinking about plot lines, itching to get back into my WIP with full mind and heart and relive each scene and motivation.

The changes are real. And I thank Heavenly Father for that. I thank Him that plot lines did not dominate my thoughts while ministering--that my heart is with the Thai people when I am with them.

And now I feel Him blessing me with a writer's heart again--preparing me to return home. . .

to write.