Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Four Newly Posted Songs

While housecleaning getting ready to leave on our mission, I dusted off four of my older songs and posted them on my music website:

Seasons of Joy -SSA 
I Couldn't Help You -SSA
Thank You For Finding Me, My Friend -Duet
Beauty In Our Lives - A Mother's Day Song

Seasons of Joy--celebrates the seasons of a woman's life and has been for sale on my sight for many years. Now I offer it at no charge. Watch the video.

I Couldn't Help You--also for sale previously, but now offered at no charge. This song is for teaching compassionate service, visiting teaching, etc. Listen to the recording.

Thank You For Finding Me, My Friend--My good friend Judy wrote this song after her conversion. Great SSA song for a lesson, mission farewell or homecoming. Sorry, no demo.

Beauty in Our Lives--A Mother's Day song sung by Paul Noble. Written for men in mind.

Off to the Provo MTC in a few days! Visit our Thailand blog.