Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Mission Call!

Sa wat dee! Off to Thailand in the spring!

My husband and I will serve for 18 months where he served a mission as a young man 1969-1971. Good thing he speaks the language. I will do my best to learn.

I have been to Thailand, so it is not completely new to me. In 2000 we took our five children to the Land of Smiles to visit where their father had served. We have great memories of that trip. The Thai people are warm and friendly to tourists. We saw many, many Buddhas and temples, rode elephants, and did all the things tourists do.

Dennis and I returned again in 2004 for the 40th anniversary of the Church in Thailand. The members put on a fantastic show of Thai dancing, music and stories. Again, we did the tourist things, but especially enjoyed being with the members. They are wonderful people--each pioneers in their own right. The food they served us was delicious. I look forward to feasting again.

So now we return, but not as tourists, not to play but to work. I cannot deny the Spirit has prompted us to go now. Things have fallen into place to make it possible. With our luck, our three bachelor sons will choose wives while we are gone. My writing will be put on hold. My composing. I will write and compose as the Spirit prompts me to do so.

But for now, laaeo phop gan mai, see you later.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stand Ye In Holy Places, 2013 YW Song

My song for the 2013 Young Women theme is posted here, Stand Ye In Holy Places.