Monday, May 16, 2011

Dearly Departed by Tristi Pinkston

Ida Mae Babbit and her gang of Secret Sisters ride again! This fun tale begins with an innocent obituary and a couple of falls that land Ida Mae in an upscale assisted living facility. But there is no time for convalescing from her multi injuries, there is a murder to be solved! With the help of Arlette, Tansy, Eden, Eden's coworker Kevin, and a few zany senior residents, she uncovers a cynical plot in this otherwise peaceful care center.

Author Tristi Pinkston has again charmed her readers with this book two in her Secret Sisters Mystery Series. It has something to please all readers--suspense, mystery, laugh-out-loud moments--all with a hint of romance. I enjoyed this delightful story and recommend it to all who enjoy reading a cozy whodunit.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Book Signing and Rollover

My book signing in Cedar City, Utah was in a lovely store named Mountain West Books. It offers a wide variety of books (including LDS) and supplies in an uplifting atmosphere. Mountain West is affiliated with the furniture store next door that is chockfull of decorating accessories that are to die for. Next time you are in Cedar City, treat yourself with a visit to their stores.

It started hailing/snowing before 1 pm when I bid farewell to my hostess Britannia, and my husband and I headed toward St George. The road turned very slushy and before we knew it, only a few miles into our journey, our van began to fishtail. In seconds we spun, hit the shoulder and began to roll. I wondered if my life was over, if I'd ever see my children again, and if Dennis and I would get to serve the mission we planned on. Thankfully. after a full roll, our car landed upright. The windows had shattered and showered us. "Are you alive?" I asked, and to say I was relieved to hear Dennis say "I am" would be an understatement. He carefully opened his door, and as snow fell, came around and opened my door, We hugged, grateful to be alive! Thank goodness for seat belts and great engineering design. Blinded by tears, I began picking up my novels and items that had been thrown from the car in the roll, and tossed them back into the car hoping to get them out of the rain and snow. Most of the windows were gone from the vehicle, so there was no protection from the snow. I also found my laptop still in one piece on the ground.

Passer-bys didn't see us since we were several feet off the road down a slope. Dennis got his cellphone working and called 911. Up the road we could see another car had ran off the road, and several yards behind us, a truck had slid into the median. Later we were told there were ten vehicles that had ran off the road within that hour. Hopefully, we were the only one that rolled. To make a long story short, our car was towed back to Cedar City (totaled, of course), we got a rental car, and four hours after the accident we headed up the road again toward St. George--still very shook up.

Thank you to all the emergency personnel who came to our rescue--the highway patrolmen, the paramedics, the tow-truck driver--everyone acted concerned and cordial to our needs and made dealing with the tragedy much easier.

We are thankful to be home where we are nursing our bruises. Next time I go to Utah, I will definitely fly!