Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review--Powers of Influence by Jordan Arey

Powers of Influence by Jordan Arey is literary fiction--a far cry from the romantic adventures I am used to reading, but I very much enjoyed the read. Powers of Influence is set for a late November release, so put it on your to-read list and/or Christmas list.
 The woman on the cover hints of a world far from mine, and the figure of a man standing in a small boat piqued my interest and leaving me to wonder how the two related. The story was not set in an exotic land nor was it a lengthy sea adventure, but it kept me turning pages with interesting twists and turns along the way.
Powers of Influence starts out as a not-so-usual tale. A young man awakens on a sandy beach not remembering how he came to be there or who he is. A kind couple takes him in and he becomes a part of their family. He slowly discovers that most people on the island arrived there the same way he had, awakening with no memory on the shore. He becomes obsessed to know who he is and risks his life by crossing the sea to find answers--and that is when the real adventure begins. 
Arey's tale has all the elements of a good storytelling: opposition, mystery, intrigue, war, and my favorite--a touch of romance. It is somewhat an allegory that makes you think and view life from different perspectives. The story relates to scripture, science, and deals with the human plight itself. By the last page, I felt I had come full circle--a satisfying ending.
I recommend Powers of Influence to all readers (even romance appreciators). I hope you all enjoy the story as much as I did. Arey has a creative, almost poetically crafted voice all can enjoy. Visit Jordan Arey's author site here.

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