Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Road Show by Braden Bell

I always wanted to write a novel that included an original song, and Braden Bell has done it with his debute novel The Road Show.

I expected The Road Show to be about a corny road show, but it is no typical ward production with humorous lines. It is a story about the healing power of Jesus Christ, repentance, and understanding the true love of Christ. Bell wrote with such insight of Christ's love for us and our responsibility to care for each other that it brought tears to my eyes. He portrayed so well the incredible spiritual experience of the cast members.

Bell developed his characters well, made me feel uncomfortable enough with Scott's pornography addiction to feel the pain he was going through, but yet care enough about him to want to pull him away from his computer in his moments of weakness. I related to Eula and Ed, grew with Curtis and Stephanie as they come to understand the power of a loving Heavenly Father.

Here is the blurb:
Scott Jenson hates everything he knows about road shows especially the cheap costumes, silly songs, and bad acting. So when he finds himself agreeing to be the road show specialist, he wonders how he can do it without becoming the biggest fool in the ward. From miscues to missed practices, Scott directs his crew of amateur actors all while hoping that no one finds out about his secret.

Is there any way that this trivial road show can have a healing effect on the lives of five troubled souls? A pornography addict, a depressed young mother, a sick older woman, a lonely outcast, and a spiritually numb elder's quorum president are about to find out. Braden Bell gives a five-star performance with Road Show: Beauty for Ashes. With true-to-life characters, humorous situations, and tender realizations, this book is guaranteed to make you smile and applaud for more.

You can buy The Road Show here.
Hear the original song here.

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