Monday, November 22, 2010

True Miracles With Genealogy by Anne Bradshaw

I admit I am a family history addict. There nothing more fulfilling than searching out those who have gone on, putting families together, and bringing those may never be remembered again, out of obscurity.

Anne Bradshaw's new book is titled True Miracles with Genealogy--Help From Beyond is a collection of inspiring research stories, about spiritual moments as help comes from beyond the veil. It is unique, comforting, and powerful. Each account can't help but touch hearts as readers come to the heady realization that there really is a world of spirits.

Anne says about her book, "I put out requests for stories on many social websites, including Facebook. Genealogists from all over the USA and from other countries responded. It amazed me to read so many unusual experiences—to learn of the many different ways researchers received the help they needed.

"I'm sure my book contains only a tiny portion of the vast number of stories that go unrecorded every year—even every day—thro

ughout the world. As someone says in the book, "Heaven is only a whisper away." It really is that close, but most times in the busy hours of our life, we're not in tune, or not ready to listen

and act.

"I began compiling seriously at the

beginning of 2010. The more stories I received the more fascinating, and compelling it was to keep going.

Once the initial call for stories went out, friends began telling others about the project and story gathering took on its own momentum.

"There was a lot of work involved in the initial story editing to make each one fit the book's style. I thought about putting different accounts into categories within the book, but as stories kept arriving, I they simply didn't fit neatly into any particular groups because each experience was unique, and as such, each one needed its own classification, which defeated any effort to make them match others."

Visit Anne's website here.

True Miracles with Genealogy is available as an ebook $2.99 and paperback from Amazon at for $8.99, shipping $3.99

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