Thursday, January 28, 2010

Author Christine Thackeray

Christine Thackeray's first two books were published in 2009. Crayon Messages: A Visiting Teacher Adventure is about a woman who is given the worst visiting teaching route ever and how it becomes her greatest blessing. You can still purchase it from the publisher, Cedar Fort, and it is still available in LDS bookstores. The second was a collaborative non-fiction work that I did with my sister Dr. Marianna Richardson called,

Thackeray co-authored “C. S. Lewis: Latter Day Truths in Narnia” with her sister Dr. Marianna Richardson. Finding that C. S. Lewis had been quoted hundreds of times in church magazines and General Conferences spurred them on to write about and define C. S. Lewis’s themes in terms of what he intended to say, versus what has said of his views. is an intriguing study and the end of the book contains a complete index of Lewis’s quotes by topic and who he has been quoted by. It’s a great resource for lesson preparation.

Most exciting is the project Thackeray this year. For Mother’s Day 2010, watch for a small gift book entitled, Could You Be An Angel Today?” It’s a fun story about a typical Mom who has an angel come to her asking for a day off. The woman agrees to take on the angel’s responsibilities for one day and through that experience realizes that anyone can be an angel -- even her.

Thackeray's next visiting teaching adventure is also on the way. It should be out by this summer and is called, “Lipstick Wars.” It’s the story of a young mother with an escaping toddler. Her son’s escapades take her to the door of a reclusive artist and together these women make miracles happen.

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