Thursday, June 18, 2015

Reviews on Bridges of the Heart

It is always a happy time to get good reviews on your latest novel! Here are some posted on Amazon.

I like this first one better than the back-of-the-book blurb. Thank you Susan!

"Bridges of the Heart" ...takes the reader from the present to post-Revolutionary America where Rachel, who is running from the confusion of her own life, manages to become immediately tangled in events from her family history. From her awkward arrival when she offends a grieving widow to the time she finds herself arrested by the sheriff who looks exactly like the man she loves back in her own time, it begins to seem like nothing will ever work out for Rachel without creating a time paradox. (Like becoming the name sake for the child who will later become Rachel's name sake. yep.) "Bridges" tells the story of family that connects through generations, intertwining their adventures and heartaches. It will be enjoyed by those who feel a connection to the past or would like to reshape the future.

-Susan Daley, Author of Cold Pursuit, Hot Pursuit, and Redemption

Bridges of the Heart was a pleasure to read. Characters were well developed, the style flowed nicely, and the story line was engrossing. Plus, it was not marred by the ubiquitous grammar and punctuation errors that plague new books, making them herky-jerky to read. This was lovingly developed. My only complaint---I was enjoying reading it, then it was over, with a neat and tidy ending, but I wanted it to go on. . More please!! I really enjoyed this one, and look forward to more from the same author.
By Kindle Customer 

Thank you, Kindle Customer!

Kindle if you must, but "Bridges of the Heart" is one of those rare books you will want to hold in your hand, share with your family and friends, and keep on your "favorites" shelf to read again and again. (I finished it yesterday for the third -- or may 6th -- time and still cried when it was over.) Gifted author Joan Sowards has written several amazing books, but this one, I think, is her very best!

-Kerry Blair, author of The Heart Has Its Reasons, This Just In, Mummy's the Word, Digging up the Past

Bridges of the Heart by Joan Sowards provides the reader an intriguing contemporary romance as well as unique perspective of early the 19th century South. I've read this book three times and enjoyed it more each time.

-Rachel Anderson author of the Meet Your Match series and many more.

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