Friday, June 12, 2015

Love's Deception by Kelly Nelson

I enjoyed reading Kelly Nelson's newest novel, Love's Deception. It had a special magic to it--being set in rural Washington, the protagonist a beautiful widow, and a handsome rugged cowboy as the hero, I'm sure had something to do with it.

 And to celebrate the release of my novel Bridges of the Heart, I am featuring Kelly, a Walnut Springs Press author, as my guest today. After reading my review of Love's Deception, enjoy the question and answer spot with Kelly!

Catherine Lewis and her six-year-old son have made ends meet ever since the untimely Iraq war death of her husband. Boarding horses in rural Washington and taking care of her cancer-fighting mother have occupied their life.

When Cat meets Ty, a handsome farmer not of her LDS faith, who not only sells her hay but comes to her barn to help unload it, Cat’s life changes. Through his persistent attentions, she learns to care for Ty, only weeks later to discover he hasn’t been completely truthful with her. When he tries to set things straight and make amends, Cat refuses to forgive.

The story is told from Ty and Cat’s points of view. I appreciated seeing into Ty’s life—that he had lived the ways of the world, and then after meeting a girl like Cat, seeks to know what makes her different. How could he help from falling in love with her spunk and fortitude? She is hard worker, beautiful, a caring daughter and mother, and a sensitive person.

Joan: I loved reading Love's Deception. What was your inspiration for Cat's story?

I had the opportunity to meet Kelly Nelson at the
LDStorymaker's conference in Provo, in May.
She's the pretty one on the right.
Kelly: I had sent out several query letters for my time-travel, YA, adventure/romance manuscript. I noticed several publishers wanted to know my background in relation to the subject of the book, or what made me qualified to write the story in the genre of the book. So I decided to write a novel that would be easier to query and one where I had specific qualifications relating to the subject matter. I worked as a CPA. Ty is a CPA in the book. I board horses. Cat boards horses. I am LDS and so is Cat. I have a brother-in-law who served 6 tours in the Air Forces. Our family's sacrifice as well as all those who have lost loved ones to war inspired the events at the beginning of the book.

Joan: Love’s Deception has a great cover. Is there a story behind it?

Kelly: My sister does free-lance graphic design for my publisher Walnut Springs Press who published Love’s Deception. My youngest sister, Laura Johnston, who by the way is also a published author is the cover model. Tracy, Linda (my editor), and I all scoured the internet searching for the perfect Ty, and in the end this guy was the one.

Joan: Tracy also designed the cover for my novel Bridges of the Heart, and I love it!
And I agree, the man on your cover fits the description of Ty in the book. I found myself studying the cover several times while reading the novel.

Tell us about your other works. You have a series publish.

Kelly: Yes, I have a four book series titled The Keeper's Saga about a high school senior, Chase Harper, who finds a gold device buried in a cave. When he touches one of the buttons it takes him back to 1863. He rescues a girl back there, and then finds out that touching one of those buttons made him the keeper of the counter--meaning now it will only work for him as long as he is alive. Of course there are those who try and take it from him. Action, Adventure, time travel and romance!

Right now I am working on:
 The Lady with No Name: a romantic suspense novel set in Utah,
The Hidden Heir: a young adult adventure about twin boys. One raised by his father the king, the other raised a peasant by a blacksmith.

Joan: They both sound interesting. Good luck with their success. Tell us something most people don’t know about you that you would like to share.

Kelly: I lost my dad to a brain tumor in 2005. He will always be one of my best friends, so the emotions of losing a parent are never far from the surface. Each time I read Love's Deception I cried at the end. It didn't matter how many times I had read it before, it still got to me. 

Joan: Husband, children, horses—how is your life like Cat’s in the story?

Kelly: I live with my husband on a ten acre horse property closely resembling the property Cat and her mother own in the book. We have 5 horses, 4 cats, and 2 chickens. And I board 10 other horses as well, so it is busy around here at feeding time. I have four kids. My oldest was married last month. My son is serving a mission in Lubbock, Texas. And I have two daughters still at home. 

Thank you for the interview, Kelly!

You can buy Love's Deception in paperback and ebook at Amazon, in Deseret Book and other LDS bookstores, and at Deseret Book online.

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