Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lean Construction Pocket Guide

Lean Construction isn't fiction.

But I introduce this little book here because a lot of readers and readers' spouses work in construction, and using Lean principles to eliminate waste and improve productivity is a must.

This pocket book (yes, it fits in your shirt pocket) was written by my husband, Dennis Sowards, a foremost expert and consultant in the industry. He has over 30 articles published in construction magazines and has taught Lean for several years.

This book lays out the principles of Lean in a language all can understand. It explains Lean tools such as 5S's, A3 Thinking, Kaizen, Kanban, Muda Walks, Poka Yoke, Spaghetti Charts, Value Stream Mapping, and much more that are essential to improving profits.

Why use Lean principles?

"Lean is an answer. Lean is all about increasing value and cutting waste. Doing Lean will lead to more loyal customers, more engaged employees which together drive more successful companies and stakeholders. Sounds like a Disney story, doesn’t it? While there is no guarantee of survival in this ever-changing business climate, Lean brings a higher probability of success than doing it the way we’ve always done it." -Dennis Sowards, Lean Construction Pocket Guide, pg 3.

The Lean Construction Pocket Guide is available on Kindle or hardcopy. Visit his website.

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