Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dangerous Favor by Joyce DiPastena

Dangerous Favor begins with a jousting tournament, a hair ribbon, and a young woman who believes finding a rich husband who can help her prove her father's innocence will solve her problems.

Mathilde's father has been accused of stealing from the king, an allegation that has reduced her family to poverty. Lord Therri, heir to a rich barony, has the wealth and connections Mathilde needs to delve into the mysteries of her father's past. Furthermore, Therri embodies all her romantic dreams. 

But . . .

Etienne, the younger son of a disgraced family, has neither wealth nor connections and is smitten with Mathilde at a glance. She finds the knight intriguing, but believes he is only out to seduce her.While she seeks for a way to win Therri's attention, Etienne tricks her into granting him her favor, an embroidered white ribbon, for a tournament, setting in motion a dangerous chain reaction of events. Can Etienne save Mathilde from a nightmare from her past and prove himself the true hero of her dreams?

DiPastena is a master at the written word and gives great care to details in this sword wielding medieval tale of knights and ladies. Her research and knowledge of the age is impressive. The third in a series, Dangerous Favor is a stand alone in its own right. Complete with castles, heart-wrenching betrayal, and well developed characters, the author has you rooting for the hero and his lady with every page turn. Submerge yourself in medieval times in this carefully weaved tale. 

DiPastena, you've done it again!

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  1. Thank you so much for taking time to read and review "Dangerous Favor", Joan! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :-)