Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Watchers, Book One, Knight of Light by Deirdra Eden

Deirdra Eden's The Watchers: Knight of Light

Within hours of its release on September 1st, 2014, The Watchers became a worldwide phenomenon. Spreading quickly across the globe, it is now an Amazon Bestseller!


Watch the intense new trailer!

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In England, 1270 A.D., Auriella flees her village after being accused of witchcraft and sentenced to death. Pursued by supernatural creatures, she struggles to accept the truth about her humanity. Filled with fairies, dwarves,pixies, dragons, and epic villains, Knight of Light is an enthralling tale that will capture the imaginations of readers young and old.

“Deirdra writes like a Disney movie, so many magical characters and elements.... evoking every fairy tale you have ever read and coming up with something really special for all age groups to enjoy.”
-Anita Dawes, Book Reviewer

Deirdra has a passion for medieval fantasy that shines through her writing. Her works will lift you from the present into a world of fairies and adventure from which you will not want to return. 
-Joan Sowards

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