Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dark Days of Promise and Interview with author Shaunna Gonzales

Dark Days of Promise is author Shaunna Gonzales' debut novel and is chock full of promise.

Thirty-four year old Vicki Laramie must learn to trust before she can love, but she might die trying.
While Vicki’s children grapple with the death of their father -- a man whom she’s successfully fabricated as loving, a lie her rebellious teenager recognizes -- she must find a way to support her family and find a role model for her boys. She never intends to fall for Staff Sergeant Chase, her best friend’s son, who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She’d much rather choose a safer man to love, but her children have a voice in the decision she makes. With two deaths to deal with, a suitor after her money, a rebellious son, and Sergeant Chase’s repeated attacks, she can only hope to survive the danger she faces. If she doesn’t, her children will be left without either parent.

Oooh! Sounds suspenseful!

Shaunna, it is so good to have you on my blog today! First question: 

Where did you get the idea for Dark Days of Promise

Would you believe me if I said the Lord? I had this love story so smooth that it bored me, the writer to tears, literally. I knew I had to "speed" it up, give it something to make it fly but didn't know what. I prayed and pulled my chair up to the computer. My fingers flew with very few mistakes, something that is unusual for me. That scene is in the book with very few changes -- only a few grammatical corrections. I'll give you a hint: Victoria goes flying!

How did you choose the title? 

Dark Days of Promise, was initially inspired by an untitled Christmas tale for the young women I was working with at the time. I thought the story was good and targeted their needs but the comments I got were along the lines of, "Wow, that's a real dark story." I responded with, "But it is so full of promise!" After the final veto and the passing of the season the title came to life every time someone asked me what I was working on.
What surprises you the most about being a published author? 
The work that goes into promoting a single title. I'm hoping that with more titles the work doesn't increase. How would I get the third title written?
Hey, I agree with you on that. So--what advice to you give to aspiring authors? 

Write what you know and love. Write for yourself, not your imagined perfectly matched editor or publisher. Should you one day find them, they will, if they know their stuff and we all hope they do, bruise you and your precious fledgling novel. (Smile - those bruises heal and make you both better.)

What are your goals in writing, your next project? 
To write several novels before my health fails. Right now I'm working on finishing Talisman: Crisscross in Time. I'm hoping to have it ready to go when the editor asks for it. That means pressure on me.
Why should we read Dark Days of Promise?

I hope readers will become more aware of PTSD. It effects more than the veterans and their families, but all who love them. It isn't unusual for me to be talking with someone and get this "Oh, they are dealing with Post Traumatic Stress" this way or that way. The "Disorder" part, as far as I have learned, comes from intense stress, such as battle and other potentially fatal situations. Some deal with PTSD with faith and prayers on the one hand while others use counseling and sometimes drugs to manage the disorder. But for me, my PTSD is rather low key and manageable.

What is something that most people don’t know about you that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

Wow! I've really pulled back recently. I'm scared to death of being stalked.

What? Well, that issue we will address in the interview for your next novel. :-) Thank you, Shaunna, for the interview!

Reader can buy Dark Days of Promise here.
Visit Shaunna Gonzales on her blog.

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  1. Wow, this is a much more ominous story than I'd thought it was before. Can't wait to read it.

  2. Oh Donna, We are just getting warmed up!

  3. Thank you for visiting, ladies. And for leaving your comments. I wish Shaunna the best with her novel Dark Days of Promise. It is now available on Amazon.

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