Friday, May 25, 2012

Surviving Denmark, a fun travel book by Tina Scott

Friend Tina Scott and her sister traveled to Denmark where their father had served as a missionary many years ago. Now Tina wants to share what she learned about traveling in that unique country in an ebook titled Surviving Denmark.

So, Tina, why did you write a travel book about Denmark?

Surviving Denmark has three purposes. I wanted to entertain readers with some of my experiences, share things I learned about being prepared when traveling, and rate the places we stayed and the sites we visited.

How exciting that you had the opportunity to travel to Denmark. I was there  thirty-eight years ago. That's before you were born! ;-) I bet it has changed since then. Give some good reasons why a person should buy Surviving Denmark instead of a more popular travel guide?

Surviving Denmark isn’t intended to replace books such as The Rough Guide to Denmark. I wrote it as a personal accompaniment. The Rough Guide is full of useful information, but there are hundreds of places listed, and all un-objectively. It’s like reading a textbook, and because none of the places are rated, it’s hard for a novice to know which sites to choose for a vacation.

What if I’m going on vacation somewhere other than Denmark? Would your book still help me?

I believe that many of the travel tips in Surviving Denmark can be used for any vacation. Some, of course are specific to Europe.

As we all know, the economy is pretty tight right now. What if readers can’t go on an expensive vacation?

Because of the travel experiences and the pictures are included, I think readers will enjoy Surviving Denmark even if they aren’t traveling to Denmark or Europe. Plus, I’ve heard that cyber-vacations are becoming more popular these days.

Thank you, Tina!

Here’s the link to buy this great travel book for a reasonable price. Bon voyage! I hope to see you all in Denmark!

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