Friday, October 7, 2011

Confronting the Myth of Self-Esteem by Ester Rasband

Liberating. Insightful. Inspired.

I discovered Ester Rasband's book Confronting The Myth of Self-Esteem by chance one day. The title spoke peace to me. So many people, including myself, have struggle with the concept of self-esteem. It seems the more we try to grasp it, the further it slips away.

Rasband explains why the search for self-esteem will always frustrate. We can't find it without humility, which seems ironic. Our worldliness would tell us not to face our nothingness. Genuine confidence and peace found through gratitude and service brings the happiness we seek. She uses examples, quotes and stories from church leaders, and many scriptures to make her point.

Some of my favorite quotes from the book are:
"We must be willing to lay our self-esteem at the feet of the Lord and seek instead to love and obey him."

"Peace and confidence are gifts from God, and they are gifts given only when we are willing to give up our self-esteem and approach him in total humility."

I particularly loved chapter nine, "Always Remember Him" that focuses on Jesus Christ and our relationship to him. As members of the Church, we are taught we are "A Child of God" and the birthright is ours--which should add to our self-esteem in itself. But, "The inheritance, however, belongs only to the birthright son: Jesus Christ" Through his atonement, we are "adopted" and he shares his inheritance with us. This chapter gives better understanding of our relationship with Him.

I found the book healing. Read a few pages a day and let the concepts digest.

Rasband explains: “Inadequacy is the human condition and unless we tap into the adequacy of our Father in Heaven, we live in a somewhat fearful state — fearful that our inadequacy will cause us to fail and will stand in the way of our being loved and valued.”

Confronting the Myth of Self Esteem can be purchased at Amazon, or on the author's website.
Watch the book trailer and another here.


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