Monday, June 21, 2010

An Arizona Haunted Inn--The Gadsden Hotel

Haunts Haven is about a haunted hotel in southern Arizona. I will be featuring a few in case anyone is traveling through Arizona and would like to visit a real haunted hotel. :-)

The Gadsden Hotel in Douglas has been a favorite destination for ghost hunters for many years. It is one of the last grand hotels. Originally built in 1907, a fire leveled the hotel, but was rebuilt in 1929. The solid white Italian marble stairs pictured on the right survived the fire--the ones that history claims Poncho Villa rode his horse up during the Mexican Revolutionary War.
Tiffany stained glass windows light the second story at the top of these beautiful stairs. This cute furry fellow greats visitors on the landing.
This is a fun hotel to visit, though the ghost aspect hangs heavy on the first time visitors. The hotel has the "quaint" feeling of the past. It has restaurants and beauty parlor.

In one of the banquet rooms, I found this enchanting old Story and Clark piano.

Visit the Gadsden Hotel website and read about their many ghost visitors.

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