Let's celebrate! Leave a comment on any post of May 1-16 and be eligible for a drawing to win a hard copy of Clairvoyance.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Let's Celebrate!

This month my novel Clairvoyance has been out a year! Let's celebrate! I will hold a drawing on May 15th to give away one copy. To enter, just leave a comment on this post using your gmail sign in, or comment on the book reviews that I will post during May, up to the 15th. Just say how much you would love to win a copy of Clairvoyance in your comment. 
You may also go to my post on Facebook and comment there.

After college graduation, Jennifer takes a summer job with a small seaside village newspaper in Oregon. She hopes sea breezes and solitude will heal her heart after a bad breakup with Vince, and the pain of her father remarrying only four months after the death of her mother, Jennifer resolves to have a no-romance summer.

Soon she is swept up in the lives of the villagers of Windridge, including Larsen, a handsome paramedic, and Aaron, a serial dater who happens to be her coworker. And then there is Willy, an older man who waits on the beach every night for Claire, his lost love. Through Jennifer's new friendships, she learns to see life from a clearer perspective, and fins that the only way to realize her dreams is to lose her heart.

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  1. I enjoyed your book Haunts Haven. Would love to read Clairvoyance too.

  2. I love Clairvoyance! I've given copies to friends who have asked what else you've written. Love your books, Joan!

  3. I hope I win because I've been dying to read it! Loved your other books.

  4. I so want to read this book